Times and Dates for 2016

Saturday Winter Market continues for the 6th season! This market runs twice a month, 10am-2pm, rain or shine at the same location as summer market, 2051 Kaen Road, off Beavercreek Rd.  Approx. 35+ vendors, hot food , live music.  Feb. 6+20, Mar. 5+19, Apr.2+16+30.

March 19th is the Seedy Saturday Seed and Plant Swap…bring saved seeds, labelled, plant divisions, tubers, catalogs, spare pots, flats…anything ‘gardeny’ and share. Pick up seeds to take home whether you bring something or not !

Saturday Summer Market has approx. 50 vendors and starts May 7th,running weekly through October, 9am-2pm, at 2051, Kaen Rd, off Beavercreek Rd.




24 Responses to Times and Dates for 2016

  1. Ryan Clay says:

    Hi, I am with a group of non-profit volunteer local motorcycle clubs that are commited to a Youth safety evalution program. I am currently looking at the overflow parking area by the farmers market to conduct these riding evalutions to meet new 2012 law for kids 7 to 15 to ride on public lands. Approx. 10 to 30 kids, 9am-noon, 7 times a year. Would love to have the public aware of such programs.

  2. Sharon W. says:

    2011 – 2012 Oregon City Farmers Markets Schedules:
    Downtown Winter Market 8th & Main in Downtown Oregon City Saturdays – Twice a Month Nov 5th & 19th Dec 3rd & 17th Jan 7th & 21st Feb 4th & 18th Mar 3rd,17th. and 31st.. April 7th & 21st 10am – 2pm Debit Cards and Oregon Trail cards are accepted at the Market. We ask that you would please not smoke in the market or in the immediate parking lot surrounding and only service dogs are allowed at both markets. We thank you for your cooperation.

    None of these dates are Saturdays, what are the real dates of the winter market?

  3. Good morning.
    I’m wondering if you are planning on having a Green/Sustainable Day in June like you did last year. If so can you tell me what day. I would love to be a vendor.

    • Hi Christine..we have changed focus a bit and are doing a Homesteading Fair instead May 18th….all about chicken keeping, bees, cooking and preserving, food growing…not quite the same…but you are welcome anytime to come and set up a booth this summer:) Give me a call…503 734-1092

  4. Stacy says:

    Why does this market close so early? We would go every Saturday but our other commitments don’t allow us to be there before 2:00… It just seems odd to close down in the middle of the day…

    • Hi Stacy, the farmers often harvest the crops early Saturday morning or Friday evening to get them to market fresh for the shoppers. They are up early, usually about 5am , packing the trucks up to get to Market. Volunteers and Market staff are on site from 7am onwards too. The produce then stays fresh in the cool of the morning, by noon it’s heating up and you’ll find at 1pm or 2pm the produce is looking a little sad on the farmers tables with the heat.Customers also like shopping in the relative cool of the morning hours. Most, if not all farmers market close between 1pm and 2pm for those reasons. However we do have a smaller Wednesday Market, the farmers pick in the morning and bring produce in the afternoon, not as much, and greens really don’t hold up that well , but you’ll find us hugging the shade on 8th St at Main, Oregon City, 3-7pm. Come and find us downtown soon! Cheers!

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  6. Brittany says:

    What are the hours of operation for winter market? They aren’t posted above. Thank.

  7. Lindie says:

    Are you open only on Saturdays? No Sunday market?

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  9. Christina Terwilliger says:

    I was wondering when the downtown Wednesday market starts?

    • Hi Christina, we are not holding the Wednesday Market this year, instead devoting resources to growing the Year-Round Saturday Farmers Market at the Kaen Rd site from now on. So no more Downtown Markets! Our summer season starts May 2nd at the Kaen Rd site.Hope to see you.Cheers.

  10. Andy in Oregon City says:

    It gets real windy up there on the hill. Of course, it gets windy in the winter in downtown O.C., too.

    I think the vendors are real troopers to endure the bad weather. I go there to buy stuff as often as I can. I support local vendors. The market is always a fun place to go even if they don’t allow my smoking dog to attend. .. 🙂

    • Hi Andy, we will let the vendors tie-off to their trucks during the winter market if it’s windy. Our change of location for the winter market has met with resounding customer (and vendor) support..so we are excited to be in one place year-round! However we will still not allow smoking dogs!

  11. Sadie says:

    It’s really too bad you guys aren’t doing the Wednesday market. A bunch of us that work downtown here (court house, etc) loved going there after work. I’m not in OC on weekends so won’t be coming to the Saturday market. Bummer.

    • So sorry Sara, but the traffic backed up on Main St due to the light on the new bridge and the increasing lack of parking was not helpful to the Wednesday Market. Many of our regular Wednesday shoppers were discouraged from coming down last year. After five years of operating we had to take stock and decided to put all our resources into growing the Saturday Market year-round. Thank you for your past support. Mooreland Market operates on a Wednesday , may be you can catch them on your way home?

  12. Heather Taskinen says:

    We were very excited to check out the market today. We ended up not going in because our dog wasn’t allowed. That’s pretty disappointing. There are very few places our dog is welcome and we were sad to find our local outdoor market wasn’t one of them.

    • Hi Heather, so sorry you were disappointed. We have been a no-dog summer Saturday Market for ten years, as most farmers markets are now. Sadly too many dogs urinate, poop, trip up customers with their leashes extending and bite. We are all dog lovers, but there is a place and time for dogs and we feel food markets are not the right venue. I was explaining our no-dog policy to a gentleman who stopped by with his (nice looking, well-cared for) large dog last year. Another customer walked by us and the dog sprang up and bit her on the arm. The man was shocked and said he had never witnessed his dog do anything like that. We have a lot of kids due to our popular kids club, often as many as 200 on one day, the risk is just too high. Added to which when it’s hot the dogs feet can burn on the tarmac. Hoping you’ll try us again, this time dog-less.
      Cheers, Jackie Hammond-Williams , Manager, OCFM.

  13. Kathy W says:

    No market the last Saturday of October???? boo….. 😦

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